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Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Certification Exposed UWB Not Supported

Galaxy SmartTag

Apple’s smart item tracking product AirTags has missed multiple appearances this year, while Samsung’s similar devices are expected to appear alongside the Galaxy S21 series next year. Earlier this month, rumors about the Galaxy Smart Tag circulated on the Internet, and more detailed information about the device was disclosed based on certification information mined by GSMarena.

According to South Korean certification documents, this item tracking device only supports Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), at least Bluetooth 5.1. This is somewhat regrettable because previous reports said that this device will use Samsung’s UWB (Ultra Bandwidth Technology).

The certification information also shows that this device uses a replaceable 3V CR2032 button battery for power, and this replaceable operation is only available in the latest updated version of Tile. From a service life point of view, this will at least increase the attractiveness of the location tracker, but it will also increase the size of this accessory. According to the certification picture, it is shown as a square design, which is more like an enlarged version of the Tile. The color of the Galaxy Smart Tag is also mentioned in the document, which is black and oatmeal. According to sources, the price of Galaxy Smart Tags is at least 15 euros.