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Stylus Pen Confirmed With Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung is launching its new Galaxy S21 series on the market in mid-January, which is significantly earlier than usual. We now have the color and memory variants planned for Europe. We can also confirm that there will be a stylus for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

On January 14th, Samsung’s new line of flagship smartphones will start. Actually it wouldn’t be ready until February or March, but the launch is preferred in 2021. According to the earlier start date, initial information about the devices is already appearing at various dealers. The first rendering videos were also recently shown.

In Europe, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will obviously only be available with an integrated 5G modem. The 4G variant, which is on the march at least for the basic version of the Galaxy S21, remains reserved for emerging markets such as Brazil according to the current state of knowledge.

The following memory variants and color options of the three editions of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series can be expected in Europe:

  • Galaxy S21 128 GB gray, white, pink, purple
  • Galaxy S21 256 GB gray, white, pink, purple
  • Galaxy S21 Plus 128 GB Silver, Black, Purple
  • Galaxy S21 Plus 256 GB silver, black, purple
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 128 GB Silver, Black
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 256 GB Silver, Black
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 512 GB Silver, Black

Samsung is planning special Galaxy S21 Ultra covers with a pen

As for the rumors about the creeping departure from the Galaxy Note series with its associated stylus, there is now clear evidence that Samsung wants to offer at least the high-end model Galaxy S21 Ultra in conjunction with a pen.

Various retailers already list special versions of the Samsung Silicone Cover and the Samsung Clear View Cover for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which also come with a pen. The customer can obviously purchase at least two special accessory covers for the S21 Ultra with the S Pen Stylus included.

Instead of stowing the stylus in the case of the smartphone as with the Galaxy Note, the cases or covers from the range of accessories from Samsung are supposed to take on this task of giving the pen a place to stay. These are apparently not the normal Clear View and Silicone Cover for the S21 Ultra, but special editions with the additional option of accommodating the pen. The normal versions of the two cover models without a stylus storage space are still available.

Whether the introduction of the optional possibility of using a stylus on the Galaxy S21 Ultra really confirms the end of the Galaxy Note series is not yet entirely certain. The background is that display specialists like Ross Young recently also heard that Samsung is still planning at least one single model of the Galaxy Note 21 for the rest of the year 2021.

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