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Samsung Introduces AI Oven at CES 2023

Many manufacturers are trying new smart home applications these days, but what is possible does not always make sense. In the case of Samsung’s “smart” Bespoke AI Oven, too, we have jokes on our lips – but these go up in smoke.

The internet-connected refrigerator that reorders products independently is one of the oldest jokes of the internet or smart home era. Because as old as this idea is, it is so pointless, even today. Accordingly, we were already prepared to make various jokes about Samsung’s Bespoke AI Oven unveiled in the course of CES 2023 and to scoff at influencers and food bloggers. But then we remembered the last burnt cake.

Because in itself the “AI oven” masters all sorts of more or less useful bells and whistles, it has a seven-inch screen, touch operation, and various advanced cooking and baking modes. But all this does not explain what “artificial intelligence” is supposed to be about it.

AI camera for streaming and monitoring

The explanation comes from Samsung’s press release (via Engadget ) and this functionality undoubtedly sounds sensible on paper. Because the Bespoke AI Oven has an “AI camera” installed inside, which streams the baking and cooking process to the respective user. This is not (only) intended for Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok, but is also intended to prevent the food from burning or charring.

The whole thing also has a truly intelligent aspect, because the camera should recognize what is being prepared and then suggest the optimal cooking settings to the user. A warning notification sent via the mobile app is intended to prevent the food from burning, and the process can also be followed live via the aforementioned stream.

Of course, it is also possible to stream the whole thing live on the Internet and take photos of what is being cooked and baked in order to share them in whatever way. More of an “Internet fridge” category is the option of linking the oven to Samsung Health in order to analyze and create workouts and diet plans based on existing ingredients.