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Google might introduce its foldable smartphone in the third quarter of this year

Several of the reports have pointed out that Google is likely working on its own foldable smartphone. Given this new product, the company has worked in close association with tech giant Samsung to customize Android OS for the foldable smartphone. Now Google is quite serious about introducing its very own hardware.

As of now, no official information on when the device will make its appearance exists. It is anticipated that the foldable smartphone by Google and the Galaxy Z Fold 5 could arrive around the same time of the year. Where Samsung is also helping Google with one of the essential components of the foldable phone.

According to news from Korean media, Google will soon begin producing mass quantities of its foldable smartphone given Q3 of 2023. With this news, it is for the third time that the company has pushed back its plan of mass production. Perhaps in the meantime, Google is focusing on improving the completeness and finishing of the product.

Reportedly, Google and Samsung Display are working in close association with this product. In July or August 2023, Samsung Display will deliver the foldable panels. So we can anticipate that the foldable smartphone by Google will arrive in September or October. This timeline coincides with the one set by Samsung for the release of Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The foldable smartphone by Google will feature a display of 7.57 inches internally and a 5.78-inch display on the external side. Both internal and external display panels have been manufactured by Samsung Display. The form factor of Google’s device is the same as that of Galaxy Z Fold. Although the two foldable share similarities, the foldable by Google won’t have stylus input support on the internal display.

It will be fascinating to view how Google differentiates its foldable from that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. We can expect some software exclusive to Google’s devices. In addition to this, Google might cut down the price of its upcoming product to compete with Samsung.

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