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Samsung Introduces an Exclusive Smartphone for the Students

The new version of the Samsung Galaxy J2 pro, launched over the weekend targets senior citizens, however, it mainly targets on the students who want to avoid distractions during their examinations period, as the phone does not support any internet connection.

The internet-free device, which was only unveiled in South Korea, cannot connect to 2G,3G, 4G or LTE or Wi-Fi, hence making it an ideal option for the students who willing to avoid distractions to focus on their studies.

As per the reports of The Verge, Galaxy J2 Pro could also prove useful for the people who do not wish to have internet access and want smartphone meeting the basic functions like regular calls and text messages.

The essentials of the smartphone offered include an offline dictionary for translation between English and Korean, 8MP rear camera, FM Radio, 2,600mAh battery, a calculator, calendar and a 5MP front camera.

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The smartphone is available in Gold and Black colours.

For promoting education, Digital Trends reported that the South Korean giant is presently running a promotion for students aged between 18 and 21. According to the scheme, the students would be able to trade in their Galaxy J2 Pro for a high-end model like Galaxy A, Galaxy S or Galaxy Note series once they get done with their examinations.

Currently the phone costs for around Rupees 21,437 or $185.

The phone was introduced initially this year exclusively in Vietnam however, with an option to access the internet.

This version of the phone has been launched only in South Korea and there is no word that whether the phone would be sold in other countries or not.

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