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WhatsApp is Changing It’s “Delete for All” Feature

WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging apps of the world. The company has been introducing recently many features in its latest updates. Now the company has introduced another feature in its most recent update that allows users to download the deleted media files. Additionally, WhatsApp fixed a timestamp issue found in the beta version 2.18.109. It is apparent that the 2.18.113 version of the Android app supports this feature.

Earlier, when users deleted specific files sent over WhatsApp by going to the specific folder in the gallery, the users were unable to retrieve the deleted files. But now the Facebook-owned messaging app would enable the users to download such deleted files as well.

According to the reports unveiled by the WABetaInfo, WhatsApp would again be permitting the users to download all sorts of deleted media files like videos, voice messages, documents, images and GIFs from the app’s servers.

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The report added that the feature would not seem to permit the download of media files that are too old, instead, the users could ask the WhatsApp to send a request to the sender for sending the media files again.

The new feature also reveals that WhatsApp stores users’ media on its servers even after the files have been downloaded. Earlier, WhatsApp used to store “um-downloaded” media for thirty days and when a user used to download them, the application used to delete the file from the server. However, it seems now that the app does not delete the media files from the server and re-download it if accidentally deleted.

The feature would only work only if the user has got the message on WhatsApp where the sender has sent the specified file.

This news came after Mark Zuckerberg’s confrontation in front of Congress relating the Facebook scandal. He mentioned that WhatsApp’s data and chats are secured with end-to-end encryption and nobody could read messages and listen to calls, not even WhatsApp itself.

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