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Samsung Introduces New Maintenance Mode For Galaxy Devices

Samsung maintenance mode

Samsung has unveiled a new feature that will land on millions of Galaxy devices over the next few months. The “Maintenance Mode”, completely restricts access to private content. This eliminates the need for resetting during repairs.

Maintenance mode during repairs

For repairs, it may be necessary to turn on smartphones and the like. Samsung has now announced a maintenance mode so that owners can avoid resetting before repairing to protect their private data in the future. The simple idea: when the new mode is activated, all personal data, such as photos, messages, or contacts, are blocked. It also does not allow access to user-installed applications.

“Maintenance mode is a way to create a separate user account when you send your device in for repairs, so that core functions can run without anyone having access to your private data,” Samsung said in the announcement. 

Activation is possible after receiving the relevant update in the “Battery and device maintenance” menu under the “Maintenance mode” heading. After the restart, the mode is then activated. The group adds in the small print: Before activation, however, a backup should also be created here “to be on the safe side”.

Also part of the maintenance mode is the idea that users can immediately return to their usual smartphone environment even after the repair. Data and accounts that employees create during repair work are automatically removed from the device once the owner exits maintenance mode.

Starts with Galaxy S22

Samsung tested the maintenance mode on the Galaxy S21 family in South Korea in July and made it available for the first devices in China in September. Today’s announcement marks the global launch, initially for Galaxy S22 models. 

“Selected models” that support One UI 5 will follow over the next few months. “In 2023, the introduction will continue and the availability will be extended to other Galaxy devices,” said the group.

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