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Samsung extends its support for Unicode 15 emoji with One UI 5 updates

Samsung rolled out the One UI 5.0 updates to its Galaxy S22 series. It is expected that the updates will follow all other latest phone lineups of the company soon. It might take a few more days to reach your devices. But according to the information, the wait will be worth it, as it accompanies a range of improvements.

When it comes to emojis, Samsung seems to lag behind other companies. But it looks like that company is catching this up with its recent updates. Though, some of the news confirms that Samsung is now ahead of the curve in the emojis world. 15 brand-new Unicode emojis have been introduced to Samsung phones.  

Version One UI 4 missed the Unicode 14 emojis. But the new One UI 5 updates hold the Unicode 14 emojis as well as the Unicode 15. For One UI 4, Unicode 14 was available as part of the Google version. Though Samsung has never released it before, as noted by Emojipedia.

This indicates that the emojis from last year as well as the emojis released just a month ago will be part of the new Samsung updates. This step marks Samsung as the very first smartphone company that officially supports the 2022 emoji. Though, Microsoft, Google, and Apple lag behind Samsung.

Furthermore, Android 13 doesn’t support the new emojis. Although Google updated its Noto Emoji font to support the new emojis. Still, you can’t use them on your Google phone. But the good part is that your Samsung phone with One UI 5 update fully supports the Unicode 15 emoji.

Before using the new set of emojis be sure to download and install the latest updates as soon as they arrive on your smartphone.

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