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Samsung: Introducing cinema screens soon

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Samsung unveiled a new cinema screen today which is a 4096×2160 (4K) resolution LED. It means that the movie theatre projector might soon be facing competition from one of the biggest name in the entertainment industry. The screen is specifically designed for the sensation of being in a theatre. We’re expecting it to be one of the game changers in the home entertainment industry.

The screen is 34 foot and delivers a very high dynamic range content that can display movies at a brightness level 10 times greater than the projector screens used in cinemas. Looking at it from a point of theatre display, Samsung claims that this is the perfect piece that meets the demands of the changing theatre industry. Not only can this screen be used to view movies but the cinema screen can be used to view sporting events, concerts and other big corporate event.

Cinema screen are coming to your house

What makes it baffling is the point how nobody actually saw LED screens over projectors in the first place. The display by Samsung is one of a kind that will innovate the movie theatre experience fully. One has to accept that changes that will come in the entertainment industry later on because of this. The company has now released any pricing detail, yet. The typical screen is between 45 and 65 feet wide. While the IMAX theatre is typically 72 feet wide in display. Another thing to be noted is that consumers do not have access to think or high resolution screens until only recently. We are hoping that there will be a point when the screens replace our projectors. If you don’t know why then know that  4K projectors are the real deal.

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With the advancement in VR going side by side, who is to say that we won’t end up wearing VR headsets altogether.

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