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Samsung is advertising iPhones in one of its apps

In the past, Samsung has repeatedly inadvertently promoted Apple and the iPhone. We have lost count of the number of times the brand has published tweets using an iPhone… This time, a similar problem was committed within the Members application reserved for the best customers of the Mark.

Thanks to the magic of social networks, it is not uncommon to see brands unknowingly advertise their main competitors In this field, Samsung has become a professional. Numerous dumplings have been committed by the South Korean company’s marketing teams.

For example, we remember this promotional tweet in favor of the Galaxy A9 that was published from … an iPhone! In January 2021, history repeated itself. The day before the Galaxy Unpacked conference dedicated to the Galaxy S21, another promotional tweet was posted from an iPhone, as evidenced by the Twitter for iPhone entry below the post. And while the tweet was quickly deleted by Samsung US, the internet is what it is, screenshots and mockery were quick to flood the web.

We thought Samsung had learned its lesson, as no such dumplings have been committed since the official presentation of the S21 in early 2021. This is of course not the case. As our colleagues from the SamMobile site report, Samsung has again advertised Apple’s flagship smartphone… In one of its own applications!

A promotional banner uses an iPhone in the Samsung Members app

Indeed, maybe you know Samsung members This application allows the brand’s customers to benefit from exclusive content, such as promotional offers for various services (YouTube Premium, Spotify Premium, Audible, etc.), and benefit from 24/7 technical assistance. , a community manager of Samsung Members in South Korea posted an in-app banner to promote galaxy one UI themes from the manufacturer.

However, to highlight these themes, the marketing department opted for an unexpectedly styled model Indeed, it suffices to take a quick look to see that the model used is a rendering of the iPhone X design, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12. We recognize the characteristic notch of these models at the top of the screen. The banner in question has since been removed, and of course, Samsung has not expanded the topic See you for the next dumpling from the Seoul firm.