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Samsung is allegedly working on a less expensive Galaxy Z Fold 6 model

Since its debut, Samsung has introduced a lot of improvements and upgrades to its foldables. Despite this, Samsung’s foldable offerings fall into the expensive category. However, some recent pieces of evidence suggest that we might get an affordable option from the company in the future. A recent report from The Elec suggests that the South Korean conglomerate is aimed at strengthening its position in the Chinese market. In order to accomplish this goal, the company must come up with an affordable option.

Reportedly, the company might debut an entry-level Galaxy Z Fold 6 in H2 2024. It seems that the objective is to increase Z Fold’s chances of competing in the market against foldables that are less expensive, such as those offered by Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO, and others. Besides this, the company assumes that a thin Z fold will give it a competitive edge over other companies. In 2023, the Z Fold 5 was a comparatively thick phone.

According to the report, the uncertainty might be a limitation when it comes to the release of an entry-level Z Fold 6. The report claims that users will head towards premium devices if the current market conditions remain unchanged. According to details, Samsung is concerned that sales of the entry-level handset may be negatively impacted by the Z Fold 6, and vice versa.

The reason the Z Flip 6 entry-level model isn’t mentioned is that Samsung feels the Flip series is very well-established. Since clamshell foldable shipments have surpassed Z Fold shipments, Samsung is more focused on growing book-style folding sales. In 2023, Samsung’s Vice President of Mobile Product Marketing, Drew Blackard, expressed in an interview that he thought the company’s foldables would eventually become more affordable. He did add, though, that the corporation was now more concerned with refinement than price. It appears that Samsung’s priorities may have changed recently if this information is accurate…

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