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What is the price and release date of the Galaxy Ring?

During the Galaxy S24 announcement last month, Samsung initially hinted at the Galaxy Ring. The business unveiled the Galaxy Ring’s appearance today, both on its own and when worn on a person’s finger.

When will customers be able to purchase Samsung’s smart ring?

The Galaxy Ring will be a great substitute for people who want to wear a traditional watch and want to check their health.

When is the official launch date of the Galaxy Ring?

All that Samsung is saying is that the Galaxy Ring will be accessible later in the year. For the Korean behemoth, this is entirely uncharted area, therefore it might take several months to ensure the product is ready before they might provide any specific date or time. Right now, our best estimate is that Samsung will present the Galaxy Ring in full during the same Unpacked event that unveils the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 in the second half of the year.

The Galaxy Ring’s price is likewise unknown. Given that this will be Samsung’s first venture into the smart ring market, its price point may be in the range of the newly introduced Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker and Samsung’s smartwatches. However, it may possibly cost more than a smartwatch.

Similar to other fitness tracking rings on the market, the Galaxy Ring might have Bluetooth, motion sensors, and a heart rate monitor. It probably will be able to monitor your blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, exercise, and the quantity and quality of your sleep. It is unknown if it features GPS for recording outdoor workouts, although given its size, it probably doesn’t.

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