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Samsung is getting ready to produce OLED screens for the forthcoming iPad Pro

Some reports suggest that tech company Apple is working on the development of two new products i.e., an 11.1-inch iPad Pro and a 13-inch iPad Pro. As per Ross Young, a display analyst, the company will utilize OLED displays for the two new iPads. For this reason, the tech firm Apple has collaborated with Samsung and LG in order to secure OLED panels. According to the reports, both companies have started preparing for the bulk order of OLED panels.

The information from ET News indicates that Samsung Display has done all the preparations that were required for the bulk production of OLED panels. Some reports predict that the panels will be based on hybrid technology i.e., built using a combination of rigid as well as flexible OLED technologies. Samsung is going to manufacture the panels at the plant situated in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do in South Korea. They will be produced at the A3 production line.   

In addition to this, some reports suggest that the tech firm Samsung has collaborated with Chemotronics for etching the OLED panels. Basically, Etching is a method through which unwanted parts are removed from the display circuit. On the day when Samsung declared that it is organizing its factories for the mass production of OLED panels for iPads, Chemotronics claimed that it is going to invest KRW 24.2 billion on the etching facility that will be reportedly utilized for OLED panels.

On the other hand, LG has also started the preparations for the mass production of iPad OLED panels. It is reported that Paju, South Korea, will be the dedicated site used by the company to manufacture the OLED displays. As per the information based on ET News, LG has associated with Avatech regarding the etching process. Well, all this information suggests that the forthcoming iPads by Apple will be equipped with OLED displays.