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Apple could introduce two new iPad Pros having 11.1″ and 13″ OLED panels in 2024

Apple 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2021

Tech companies are in competition with one another. Every tech giant is eager to introduce unique products with excellent features ahead of others. Similar is the case with Apple. It is now looking forward to introducing two unique iPad pros having slightly larger displays in contrast to their predecessors.

Apple has long been known for its iPhones, iPads, Macs, smartwatches, and other such products. Previously Apple introduced an 11″ and 11.1″ iPad Pro lineup. Now it seems like Apple is working to introduce somewhat bigger displays in the upcoming iPad Pro lineup. It is expected that the 11″ display will get increased to 11.1″ whereas the 12.9″ goes up to 13″ in the display. According to the information by display analyst Ross Young, these devices are expected to debut in 2024.

Reportedly, the two new iPad Pros will feature OLED displays. Moreover, the variation in size is slight in contrast to the previous models. Given the slight difference in diameter, we can expect somewhat similar overall sizes just like their ancestors. Since Apple might just cut the bezels to fit in the new panels to the device.

Presently, the lineup of iPad Pro consists of an 11″ iPad Pro. This device is presented with a custom LCD screen. On the other hand, the 12.9″ model features a mini LED panel. If we go by this render, then it indicates that the future generation of high-end tablets by Apple could include an amazing display feature. The current iPad pro series was launched in October 2022. These iPads are fueled by M2 chips. So, it won’t be that disappointing if we don’t see something new in the lineup by Apple until 2024.

Previously, Young mentioned that in 2023 a 14.1″ iPad Pro could arrive. Now, it is being stated that no such device is in the pipeline. We can expect this to be true. Another device with eventually a bigger display i.e., a 16-inch display is perhaps in the works.

Well, this is all that the sources claim. We have to wait for official news from the authorities regarding their future strategy.