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Samsung Messages Sending Entire Gallery to Other Contacts Without Users’ Permission

Recently Samsung users have been facing a serious bug that sends photos to their phone contacts without the users’ consent, moreover, it also does not show any record of the sent messages.

Many Samsung users who have got the latest model of the Samsung Messages application are reportedly complaining about a bug that they have been experiencing in their mobile phones. The bug sends pictures to the users’ phone contacts without seeking their consent and even does not keep a record of the send pictures, as reported by Android Authority.

Users have expressed their complaints and concerns to Reddit where they reported that either some of the photos of their picture galleries or the entire galleries were beings sent to their mobile phone contacts without their permission or any information.

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One of the frustrated users complained that last night around 2:30 am, her phone sent her girlfriend the complete photo gallery over a message, however, there was no record of it on the Messages app. But, there was a record of it on the T-Mobile logs.

The latest models of the Samsung which includes Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are also not safe from the bug and are facing similar issues, in fact, these smart phones were the most affected ones.

Although nobody is sure that what is causing the bug, the device owners have advised the users to disable the storage permissions to Samsung Messages.

The storage permissions could be disabled by going to “Settings” then by clicking on “Apps”, then on “Samsung Messages”. In the tab, users would have to choose “Permissions” and then click on “Storage”. The settings are once disabled, besides restraining the bug, would even prevent the users to send images or GIFs to other phone contacts.

Samsung has yet not commented regarding the bug and has not announced any solutions for its removal, as reported by Gadgets 360.

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