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Walmart introduces online 3D virtual shopping

Walmart has introduced a new online shopping feature which will enable its customers to take virtual shopping tour in 3D of an apartment showcasing about 70 items from brands and Walmart private label offerings.

Walmart said it will start in July, it would allow customers to add a group of items to add to the shopping cart providing a complete look at their homes and apartments. Walmart’s focus on enhancing customer experience introducing technological advancement is one of the objectives that company is following.

The announcement came in-line with Walmart’s efforts to improve customers experience, the US retailer is putting billions of dollars investments in order to beef up its e-commerce business in the country, the company has recently announced it’s collaborating with logistics companies to deliver its products on time that are ordered online.

Company’s technology incubator, Store No 8, found virtual reality startup Spatialand in February; the company acquired the startup to build VR products for Walmart’s stores and websites.

Walmart’s competitor Amazon is also pushing hard towards its growth, the company reportedly establishing a network of independent delivery fleets to improve its supply chain and delivery mechanism.

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