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Samsung might be making significant advancements in the production of solid-state batteries

The South Korean tech firm has been teasing the idea of solid-state batteries for several years now. Well, there is no notable progress in this respective field in contrast to the foldable display technology that is progressing at a fast pace. However, a new report indicates that Samsung is scaling up the development of solid-state batteries. The report suggests that two units of Samsung will be dedicated to the manufacturing of solid-state batteries for several market sections.

It appears that the Electro-Mechanics division of Samsung will manufacture solid-state batteries for the IT segment. It will manufacture oxide-based batteries that could be sued in future mobile devices. On the other hand, Samsung SDI will be associated with the development of sulfide electrolytes that will be used for the EV (electric vehicle) segment.

The significance of battery technology

When it comes to solid-state batteries, reliability, and efficiency are the main challenging factors. Besides this, it offers various advantages. One of the most notable aspects of solid-state battery is that it has the potential to store more energy in contrast to conventional lithium-ion batteries. Another advantage is the non-bursting capability. Upon puncturing the battery doesn’t burst into flames and is thus safe to use. For this reason, they can be utilized in electric vehicles. Since lithium-based units have a high chance of catching up fires.

Besides the EV segment, the IT industry will possibly benefit from it. Since such technology can make the use of smartphones and tablets safer. Well, Samsung is not the only company that has been working on this idea. Xiaomi, the Chinese company, has also claimed that it has developed a prototype of a smartphone that is fueled by a solid-state battery. However, the company has not unveiled more information besides the documentation.

In addition to this, there is a possibility that Samsung could acquire the top leaders in this particular segment. Since some previous reports from South Korea suggested that Samsung has received 14 more patents on solid-state batteries. The firm is ready to debut a new prototype model.

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