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Samsung acquires more ‘all-solid-state battery’ patents from KIPO

The South Korean tech giant is making efforts to introduce solid-state batteries for nearly a decade. It seems like every passing year is a step toward goal achievement. The company is filing for new patent applications. Recent reports indicate that Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been successful in acquiring 14 all-solid-state battery patents. The recent piece of information is confirmed by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). According to this information, most of the patents were filed a couple of years ago. Reportedly, 12 out of 14 patents were applied during November and December 2020.

Samsung is eager to unveil a new prototype

The patents may be a step for the preparation of upcoming tech advancements in battery technology. Just a few days ago, Samsung Electro-Mechanics shared that based on the latest technology, the company is working on the development of small all-solid-state batteries or parts for green energy. The information was shared with the press after a shareholders’ meeting. In addition, the president of Samsung Electro-Mechanics said, “I will take a separate time to explain when I’m at the stage of constructing a prototype.” (via The Elec)

Furthermore, it is quite interesting to quote here that Samsung SDI holds more patents in Korea associated with solid-state batteries. Reportedly, 49 patents have been filed by Samsung SDI. These patents are related to solid-state battery characteristics, structure, and manufacturing methods. The journey of the development of solid-state batteries is ongoing for years. However, Samsung is quite close to a consumer-grade product.

Solid-state batteries are considered safer since they can’t catch fire or explode upon punctures. They have more capacity to store energy densely. Thus, indicating that they could be smaller yet powerful for mobile phones, tablets, and other similar devices.

Moreover, Xiaomi has asserted that it has a brand-new prototype powered by a solid-state battery with 20% better energy efficiency in subfreezing temperatures and a 33% capacity boost over conventional lithium-ion batteries. Nevertheless, the business did not demonstrate a functioning product; instead, it only supplied these details on paper.

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