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Samsung Might Skip the Under Display Camera for the Galaxy S22

Samsung was previously rumored to bring the under-display camera technology with the Galaxy S22 series. But now we learned that the company might skip it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series - Might Skip the Under-display Camera

It seems as Samsung never gets the chance to take a nap. The company is always on to something. While we were ending up with a new related to the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 3 color options that we heard of the Galaxy S22 series. According to the latest tip, we learned that the company would release the next-generation Galaxy S22 series at the start of next year, hinting that this series could feature an under-display camera sensor for selfies and video calls.

However, one tipster suggested that the company could skip this and launch the Galaxy S22 without the under-display camera. Let’s see what the second has to say.

Samsung Galaxy S22

According to a tipster, Samsung faces quality and yield issues, forcing the company to introduce the under-display camera technology. Also, “a mosaic pattern of the OLED panel was also appearing in a certain situation which is holding the company back from using this technology.”

So now we believe that the company would use the under-display camera technology on its upcoming Note model and the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

It is pertinent to remember that this news comes from third-party sources, the company has yet to make its announcement.

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