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Samsung might unveil a foldable Galaxy Tab

In the foldable market, Samsung is currently the leader. However, there is a category that is relatively untouched as of now. Well, it is in the tablet category, rather than the foldable Galaxy Tab. As per the information, TM Roh claims that there might be a foldable tablet at some point in the future.

Recently, the South Korean tech giant unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. Reportedly, the two smartphones have set new records for pre-orders, and the company is focused on improving the foldable. The company has debuted the recent generation of foldable smartphones with advanced specs and several technical improvements.

A foldable Galaxy Tab might unveil in the future

Well, a foldable tablet is not something that can’t be designed. Although the idea appears to be for a bigger phone, it is not that simple. The durability of a screen is reduced by its size, and foldable displays must be as durable as possible. However, TM Roh, president of Samsung’s Mobile eXperience, assures us that the business is still focused on creating a foldable Galaxy Tab. According to Roh in an interview, “What has been done to the smartphone will soon be applied to the tablet and laptops as well.”

It appears like the company is keeping an eye on new targets and goals for the future. However, when the company does so, is unclear at the moment. Whatever the new product may be, it must match the standard set by the Galaxy Z phones. Furthermore, it is quite easy to say but difficult on a practical level. A larger screen will present its own set of challenges and difficulties. A lot of things must be considered before going for a foldable tablet. Let’s just hope things work out in favor of the company and we see a foldable tablet in the future.