Original Galaxy Z Fold is getting August update

 With the release of the Galaxy Z Fold, the first consumer foldable phone, Samsung shocked the world four years ago. It was a disaster, but it contributed to the foldable phone becoming the glitzy technological marvel that it is today. You will receive the August 2023 security patch if you still own the original Galaxy Z fold (first off, congrats! You should get a gold medal for protecting your phone).

It feels like a very long time has passed since the original Galaxy Fold, which was four generations ago. Even though the brand and the foldable phone in general have changed significantly since then, Samsung hasn’t abandoned the product. People are still using the original Fold and are still taking advantage of software updates from the company.

Original Galaxy Z Fold is getting August update

Since Samsung often releases updates very early in the month, the original Galaxy Fold is receiving its upgrade a little later. Major platform upgrades are no longer provided for the device; however, security updates are still provided.

Currently, the update is available in four markets: Korea (version F907NKOU3IWH1), Hong Kong (version F900FXXS7HWG1), and the UK (version F907BXXS7HWG1). With time, other markets will follow.

Therefore, you shouldn’t have high expectations for this update. Because it was a standard security patch, the phone also received certain fixes for flaws in the system. These will fix vulnerabilities in your software that might allow nefarious parties access to your system.

The patch resolves several problems with the Samsung Galaxy as well as problems with Android in general. There won’t be any additions or modifications to the system.

To download and install this update, go to your settings, locate the Software Update section, and then tap on the button at the bottom of the screen. You should wait a few days if you haven’t yet received the update.

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