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Samsung mobile explodes in user’s pocket

A video of an Indonesian man went viral on social media, in which a Samsung mobile explodes in the man’s front pocket of the shirt. It can be seen very clearly that the explosion of the Samsung phone puts up the man’s shirt on fire, according to the reports by media.

According to the Daily Mail reports, the incident was happened at the Hotel Ciputra in Semarang, a city in Indonesia, on Saturday, September 30.

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Yulianto, in the video, identified as a supervisor at the Hotel, he was trying to touch his mobile phone through his shirt just in a blink of an eye this incident happened. His shirt was set on fire within a second, and it can be seen in the video that Yulianto, 47-year-old, rolling on the floor and trying to take off his shirt.


According to the Central Java Regional Police, the mobile which explodes was a “Grand Duos” a model of Samsung Mobiles.

“Mr. Yulianto had immediately removed his shirt when the phone exploded. He had no serious injuries,” the Daily Mail quoted Agus Triatmojo, head of the public relations of Central Java Regional Police.

The incident was being investigated, Police official said.