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Samsung Now Transform Old Phones Into IoT Devices

Galaxy upcycling

It was reported earlier that Samsung had plans to convert old Samsung phones into IoT devices, While many users can no longer do anything with their old smartphones and dispose of them sooner or later, Samsung is now offering a new program with which the devices can still be used sensibly. The old models are intended to serve as smart home hardware.

The program is called “Galaxy Upcycling at Home” and was introduced in January 2021. Samsung has now started the beta phase of the project. It is now possible to use old Galaxy smartphones as brightness sensors. The devices can also be used to measure noise. Initially, Samsung only supports models from the Galaxy S, Note, and Z series. The smartphones must have hit the market in 2018 or earlier. At least Android 9 is required as the operating system.

As Samsung writes in the official newsroom, Galaxy Upcycling at Home can be set up via the SmartThings Lab area in the SmartThings app. After the old smartphones have been paired, they can be controlled via the mobile application. By using an old Galaxy model as a brightness sensor, a television or room lighting, for example, can be switched on automatically when the light in the room becomes darker. When used as a noise meter, the old smartphone can be used as a baby monitor.

Program Not Yet Available Globally

In Europe, Galaxy Upcycling at Home is not yet offered at the moment. Initially, the program is only available in the USA, Great Britain, and South Korea. It is still unclear when the project will also be made available in other countries. Presumably, the beta phase will be extended in the coming months.