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Samsung Pay gets you rewards and more

Samsung pay

Samsung Pay is not very popular but the company is gearing it towards making it attractive for the consumers. It works on swiping or tapping your credit card that make transactions. A swipe launches the app that secure finger print and users hover the card reader to pay. It is safe and keeps purchases confidential.

The company is now offering new incentives for users. Samsung Rewards is out today which gives users points for using Samsung Pay for transaction. The program aims the mobile payment product service to be popular. The points gained can be exchanged for rewards which include gift cards, Samsung products and many more offers from U.S retailers.

Samsung Pay is incentivizing a market with only profitable possibilities

Samsung Pay reward works on tier levels based on transaction threshold. Silver status is achieved for five payments in a month through Samsung Pay which gets you double the points. 20 transactions get a Gold status which gets you triple points. 30 uses of the service put you in the platinum reward group where each purchase is worth four times the usual amount in points earned.

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The reward program also gives users a chance to win instant prizes which are update on monthly basis. People can track their rewards related activity in Samsung Pay app. The universal reward program is not dependent on participation by the merchants or payment network. Samsung gets to control the nature and availability of the reward program with it being the stakeholder that has the maximum to gain out from the system of rewards. This method of incentives will bring about a more faster adoption rate to Samsung Pay app.

Samsung Rewards launches this week in the U.S. for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, Gear S2 and Gear S3 devices that offer Samsung Pay.

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