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Facebook redesigns pages for business


Facebook is launching a new feature on its platform that would make it easy for businesses to prioritize their conversations across Faecbook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Facebook estimated that it is seeing 5 billion comments, messages and visitor posts each month. With this challenge it now offers businesses the opportunity to respond on Facebook and Instagram through one forum.

Facebook makes response easier with all in one app

Businesses can now respond to every customer query through the Facebook’s Page Manager app. There will be a unified stream of everything (comments, Facebook Posts, posts on their page, messages and comments of Instagram and videos) on the inbox of the app. Individual tabs option will focus on individual channels.

The feature is already available to some users and it will be rolling out to the masses in a few weeks. The managing tabs are more useful to medium businesses and large companies. Many bigger businesses manage their social media presence by third party platforms. This feature comes in response to the most frequent requests made by the people.

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In the previous feature if users wanted to respond to social media they would have to open separate apps.  Since, a lot of the communication is happening on social media switching apps can become tiresome. The new feature will integrate it to the new layout it has rolled out for pages.

The new pages have a larger cover photo and have gotten rid of the display ads that appear on the right hand side of the desktop pages. The page redesign has made the call to action button more prominent, among other things. It has also rid itself of the tabs which make the interface feel more like a website. The profile picture now is out of the way of the cover photo.

All of this and Facebook promises to make everything more visually appealing to the audience.

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