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Samsung Plans to Manufacture 1.4nm Chips From 2027

Samsung has big plans for chip production and intends to move into the area of ​​fewer than two nanometers in structure width within the next five years. At the same time, huge investments in the expansion of capacity for ultra-modern chips have been announced.

As Samsung Semiconductor recently announced (via PCMag), the aim is to start mass production of chips with a structural width of just two nanometers by 2025. The company’s smallest mass-produced chips to date come in at four nanometers, while it is on the verge of mass production of 3nm chips.

Mass production of 1.4-nanometer chips as early as 2027

As early as 2027, Samsung wants to take another step and reduce the structure width of the most modern chips from its production to just 1.4 nanometers. The advantages of such chips are, as usual, higher performance combined with a reduction in power loss.

Whether the ambitious goals can be achieved is of course still an open question, after all there are still problems with the yield of the current 4nm chips. Samsung’s semiconductor division also promised a strong expansion of its capacities. New chip plants are to be built within the next five years, which will increase capacities by a full 50 percent.

However, this includes both state-of-the-art high-performance and simpler chips, with which Samsung wants to better serve the automotive industry, among other things. Basically, Samsung wants to roughly triple the available capacity for the so-called advanced nodes in the course of its recently announced expansion of chip production.

In order to be able to react more flexibly to fluctuations in demand in the future, the “Shell First” concept is used. The clean rooms for the production of chips are first built before they are then flexibly equipped with the required machines.