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Samsung Confirms SMS Reception Problems in Galaxy S22

Anyone who has installed the recently released so-called “September update” for Android on their Galaxy S22 smartphone may no longer be able to receive text messages. This is reported by various users in online forums, whereby Samsung’s customer service is said to have already confirmed the problem.

As Piunikaweb cites various corresponding reports in Samsung’s community forums and on Reddit, numerous users from the USA are reporting problems receiving text messages. Previously, they all seemed to have installed the September update, which appears to have introduced a new bug that now prevents text messages from being received.

Samsung wants to provide a solution as soon as possible

According to user reports, the problem does not depend on the respective network operator and affects both the basic model of the Galaxy S22 and the more expensive variants Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

There are also isolated reports that other Galaxy smartphones exhibit similar behavior, including models from the S21, A, Note, and Z series. In some cases, the messages seem to “build up” so that after a restart of the device or a temporary shutdown of access to the mobile network, they arrive en masse on the respective phone.

The error is said to have already been confirmed in discussions with Samsung’s customer service, although the causes have so far only been speculated about. It is recommended by customer service representatives to use the optimization function of the respective device as a temporary solution. Alternatively, cleaning up the memory was also recommended, it says.

Regular restarts can at least allow the accumulated messages to be preserved. It is currently still unclear whether owners of the Galaxy S22 smartphones and other Samsung devices are also affected by the problem with SMS reception in Europe.

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