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Samsung product: Note 7 explosion explanation revealed

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The reports to as why the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 7 exploded are here. The investigation launched concluded that the Samsung product had a faulty battery and not a faulty software. The world’s leading smartphone dealer is set to put the biggest product failure behind it and begin new with Galaxy S8. The new phone will come in the market in the first half of the year.

It is hard to regain consumer trust, again. But a detailed and convincing explanation of the Note 7 explosions will help in justifying its position. The clean slate might reassure buyers to purchase Samsung product, providing it doesn’t happen again. The results of the investigation by Samsung will be out on the 23 of January, 2017. This announcement comes a day before the company announces a detail fourth quarter earnings results.

Reuters report that head of Samsung mobile business Koh Dong-jin will make the announcement. They will also announce the measures the company is taking to prevent problems of the sort from arising in the future. In September the company issued a recall of 2.5 million Note 7 smartphones. The company identified the cause of explosions to be a manufacturing process problem.

Samsung Product, Note 7 issued recall in September

The Note 7s continued to catch fire even when it claimed that the batteries were safe from a different supplier. This event forces the company to permanently halt sales of the device with a blow of $5.2 billion. Samsung lost operating profit of over three quarters.

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Sources claim that Samsung was able to replicate the smartphone fire during the investigation. The cause of fire could not be explained through hardware design and software related matters. Business prospect of the company remain unclear this year but profits will rise, according to trends. The sharp rise of memory chip prices and growing sales of light emitting diode screens for smartphones is high.

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