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Important Events Give Boost To Startup-Bus Sharing Startup Proves


A US based startup for bus sharing founded by Skedaddle was observed in doing some odd activities after the US elections.

A small company Skedaddle has witnessed sudden surge in bookings even from the places they haven’t done much. The company actually developed an app which lets individuals to book private bus rides collectively.

Another twist in this story is; most of these recent bookings were made by women.

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Well organized strategy by the founders of Skedaddle worked well for them, they advertised their bus sharing app to the women who were going to take part in “Women’s March on Washington” which was held the day after Donald Trump’s Inauguration. The company told NY times that based on their bookings they will transport 5% of the people which comes to 11,000 people in the Women’s March.

With this event the company generated the largest ever two day business in their short history which is quite uplifting for the new startup.

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What Happened In The Past

Special events can serve as a catalyst for startups growth, founders that have an eye on unfolding events can hit the nail right in the head and create the opportunities for future growth. Unrecognized and struggling startups become recognized and flourishing once they participate in an event which is at bigger level. One example is Airbnb which was mostly unknown before the President Obama’s 1st inauguration. This startup provided the paid service to sleep in someone’s home. This type of service was really uncommon before this event when all the hotels were fully booked in Washington due to a large number of people attending the event. Airbnb spread fast amongst people who were desperate stay. Currently, Airbnb is operating in more than 34K cities across the world and the company’s estimated worth is around $30 billion.

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