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Samsung QN95B/S95B TV cheats in brightness tests

Some modern televisions apparently have an integrated algorithm that recognizes typical metering windows and then changes the picture and brightness. This would cheat Samsung in some tests. The TV sets also distort normal content. A few weeks ago HDTV test noted that the Samsung S95B shows a different screen in HDR mode than in previous measurements. Other measurement results could therefore be achieved by reducing the test window. has good Flat PanelsHD the suspicion of manipulation has been proven and the effect on the Samsung QN95B has been proven. Much higher brightness values ​​were achieved in normal test mode.

The content displayed 80 percent brighter

FlatpanelsHD tested the Samsung QN95B with a mini LED backlight and found that the brightness was about 2300 candela per square meter with a normal test window size. Once the test window was reduced by one percent and thus deviated from the typical size, only 1300 candela per square meter were achieved. The higher brightness is technically possible because the powerpack of the backlight can supply more energy in a short time. Not only tests are misled by the changed brightness.

Some producers adjust their HDR content over time. The higher brightness and improved colors do not improve the quality but degrade it. After FlatpanelsHD confronted the manufacturer with the results, the South Korean company pronunciations were given on the subject.

The company wants to offer an update that extends the consistent brightness of HDR content to other window sizes. Whether this solves the problem remains to be seen. More accurate measurements may not be achieved with the extension of the software. While the update for the S95B has been released, the update for the QN95B will be rolled out soon.