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Samsung Released its First Refillable Printer

Samsung Electronics Co. on Tuesday has launched its Inkjet Plus printer which has the potential of having its inks filled without the need of replacing cartridges, permitting the users to print papers at lower prices.

The Samsung Inkjet Plus is the first all-in-one Inkjet product to permit users to refill inks.

An Inkjet printer is a computer peripheral that develops hard copies by spraying the ink onto the paper inserted into the printer. A typical inkjet printer can develop a copy with a resolution of at least thirty drops per inch (dpi). Some inkjet printers could produce full coloured hard copies at six hundred drops per inch or more. Many modules of the inkjet printer include other devices like a photocopier, scanner and a dedicated fax machine along with a printer in just a single box.

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The copies made from the inkjet printer requires a little time for drying. Enough drying time is essentially important if the hard copy has got large regions of solid black or some colour.

The company informed that with the use of a large-sized tank, users could print ten pages of coloured content at just the cost of US$0.01 (13 won).

Samsung the parent company informed that the new printer is suitable for offices and schools which need to print larger amounts of material.

Users could also check the left-over amount of ink visually. The printer is also equipped with a nozzle that is there to prevent any ink leakage.

Additionally, Samsung said the printer’s ink could last up to twenty-five years when printed on general paper and for seventy-five years on a photo paper.

The price of the Samsung Inkjet Plus is fixed at 219,000 won and the wireless model would be sold for a fixed price of 249,000 won.

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