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Samsung Rollable Display Phone with S Pen flashes on WIPO Patent Website

Samsung is an industry-leading company when it comes to folding smartphones. Samsung is a leader in the field of foldable smartphones. South Korean giant has launched numerous foldable smartphones in India and in other markets from the beginning of the Galaxy Z Fold. It has also explored different display forms aspects, including slidable and rollable displays, which were showcased in the past. It seems like the company is set to launch the first smartphone that comes with the ability to slide or roll display.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has granted an invention patent to Samsung to develop a phone with a rollable or a slidable display. The photos reveal the potential folding mechanism that is expected to be featured in the next Samsung smartphone. Let’s glance at Samsung smartphone that is slidable or rollable patents that have been leaked on the internet.

Samsung rollable/slidable smartphone WIPO patent

The WIPO has granted Samsung patents for an Android smartphone that has multiple housings. According to the patent’s description, the device comes with two housings. The motor that drives the display with a rollable mechanism to slide into and out is located on the left side. The back panel, which is the slide display, is always able to accommodate an S Pen cutout. Below that S Pen is another module that could be used for cameras sensors.

On the front of the device, the images suggest that the right-hand edge of the device is utilized as a small display for displaying notifications or opening applications. We’ve seen Android customized skins that have an option for a sidebar that lets users quickly launch apps in accordance with their preferences. Samsung’s sliding display phone Samsung slide-out display phones might be a variant of that however it would have a dedicated display.

Other aspects of the display are not known. Samsung has presented displays previously with tri-folding or bi-folding features, as well as even sliding mechanisms. Given Samsung has been showing off its latest display technology that we could see a slidable or rollable smartphone from Samsung to be launched later in the year.