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Samsung rumors testing flagship phones with Android Oreo


It would seem that the South Korean tech giant Samsung is moving at quick pace to bring the following Galaxy flagship cell phone on the radar.

Reports and rumors suggest that Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ are good to go to show at CES, in January one year from now. Samsung isn’t known for updating its new cell phones with the most current Android build, not at all like Nokia who developed as a brand with super-quick Android updates. In any case, as indicated by the report of Galaxy Club, Galaxy S9 is being tried on Android 8.0.0 and not Android 8.1, which is in the beta stage for even Google’s Pixel gadgets.

It must be noticed that Samsung regularly includes a portion of the foreseen features in its product even before Google carries them with an Android update. For example, instant application switching feature was at that point there for Galaxy S7 edge, while Google moved it out later with Android Nougat 7.0.

Samsung may change to Android 8.1 at a later stage in the testing procedure, however traditionally the organization for the most part handles things, it won’t not occur until a couple of months after the Galaxy S9 has gone on sale. Software improvement sets aside a considerable measure of opportunity to run through different stages. The testing of programming regularly begins somewhat right on time to guarantee the product and equipment function admirably together in the last product.

There are many bits of gossip hovering around since recent months, about the design, display and highlights of Samsung’s up and coming leaders, Galaxy S9 and S9+. Some say the gadgets will highlight both face recognition sensor and an enhanced iris scanner, while others recommend that they will utilize heat pipes for cooling.

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