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Samsung S-Foldable New Smartphone Under Development

Samsung has just lifted the veil on several new features still under development. In a video, the South Korean giant presented a smartphone whose screen folds into three parts, a huge foldable tablet that converts into a computer, photo sensor technology under the screen, and an amazing smartphone with a sliding screen. 

As announced yesterday, Samsung took advantage of Display Week 2021 in San Jose, an international exhibition dedicated to new display technologies, to unveil several ongoing projects. Samsung Display, the display division, posted a video on YouTube showing all the possibilities of the company’s OLED panels.

“Daily life with future Samsung Display products. This video is designed to show you how your life could be changed with innovative OLED products, such as folding, sliding, portable displays, etc. of Samsung Display ” announces Samsung.

Samsung Video Of Future Screens

The video first shows a smartphone called “S-Foldable”. Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip, or the future Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, the smartphone is built around a screen that folds in three. Two hinges allow the slab to bend. Once the panel is fully unfolded, the user can display up to three different applications. Rumors claim that the smartphone will be marketed from the end of 2021 at a high price.

Secondly, the video shows a huge 17-inch foldable tablet capable of converting into a laptop. The physical keyboard is replaced by a screen with soft keys. Note that the tablet has a front photo sensor hidden under the screen.

Finally, Samsung concludes the video with a smartphone equipped with a sliding screen. When the user needs a larger display area, the slab unrolls in a second. As is the case with the Oppo X 2021, the screen rolls up inside the structure of the smartphone.

The products presented are obviously still in the development stage. The footage was shot with 3D special effects to give a glimpse into the future of Samsung products. For now, it is not known when Samsung intends to launch these terminals on the market.