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Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Prices Reduced in Pakistan


In order to increase the sales of the latest Galaxy S-series, Samsung has reduced the prices of S10 and S10+. The timing is quite epic as Huawei new phones Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are entering in different markets.

On March 13th, Samsung launched the Galaxy S-series variants in Pakistan. Now almost a month later the company has decided to cut down the prices. Earlier the prices of Galaxy S10 was PKR 165,000 and Galaxy S10+ was PKR 180,000. Now the new prices of Samsung Galaxy S10 is PKR 140,000 and S10+ is PKR 160,000.

Earlier there were reports that Samsung had cut the price of S10+ on March 29th. It was heard that the price of Galaxy S10+ would be PKR 142,500. But now the company has officially made the announcement that is decreasing the price of S10+.

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Now the new prices of these phones are comparatively affordable which might compel users to purchase them. Even though Huawei has an upper hand due to its camera quality in P30 series, Samsung Galaxy S10 phones have a better display, screen, and an improved software platform.

There is high chance that as Samsung is decreasing its phone prices within a month of its launch, Huawei would also soon decrease the price of its P30 variants.