Samsung semiconductor facility in Texas will produce 4nm AI processors for Groq

As per some recent pieces of information, Groq and Samsung have collaborated regarding AI chips. Reportedly, the Texas semiconductor plant of Samsung will be supplying the next-gen AI semiconductor chips to Groq. Groq is a US-based AI solution firm.  The chips will be created by Samsung using its SF4X process (4nm). They will be designed in partnership with the Foundry Design Service team.

The news was shared by the California-based firm Groq, a few days ago. The company announced that it established a strategy with a US-based foundry services provider and entered into a contract with Samsung Foundry. As per the information shared by Groq, the South Korean conglomerate will begin the production of advanced chips at the new semiconductor plant located in Austin, Texas.

The Texas plant is a $17 billion chip fabrication facility. It is anticipated that construction of the plant will end this year and production will begin in 2024. Samsung Foundry is dedicated to expanding semiconductor technology and bringing revolutionary AI, high computing technology, and data center solutions to the market, according to Marco Chisari, head of Samsung’s U.S. foundry business.

Both companies desire to show a new aspect of the implications of advanced silicon for AI to the world. They agree that the collaboration will bring new innovations to AI. In addition to this, this is the first time that Samsung’s Texas plant has officially named its client. With everything in place, the Texas plant is expected to supply 4nm chips by the end of 2024.

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