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Samsung Galaxy S25 Still Offers 8GB Standard Memory

Today a Chinese leaker and digital blogger “i Ice Universe” tweeted that Samsung’s next-generation flagship phone Galaxy S25 standard version still starts with 8GB of memory.

At present, the memory of domestic thousand-dollar Android phones has been rolled up to 12GB and 16GB, and some models even have 24GB of memory.

However, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series still insists on starting with 8GB of memory, which gives people the impression of “not making progress.” Therefore, some netizens complained that Samsung’s memory is the same as Apple’s memory, which is “golden memory.”

If the Samsung Galaxy S25 standard version next year continues to start with 8GB of memory, even if it adopts higher specifications, its appeal to consumers will be greatly reduced.

According to previous news, since the performance of its own Exynos processor has always been different from Qualcomm’s, Samsung will continue to adopt a dual-processor strategy, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor will still appear on the S25 series.

The S25 series will be equipped with Exynos 2500 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen4 processors in different markets, and the highest-end S25 Ultra may only provide Qualcomm processor versions.

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