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Samsung Smart TVs: Now have Facebook app

Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung Smart TVs now have Facebook’s new video app. The availability makes Samsung the first platform to feature Faceboo’s latest application. The social networking site announced that it will be releasing a video app that aims to connect TVs and other media players. For example, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are now part of the package. There wasn’t a launch date given for any of the platforms but now it is here.

According to Samsung, the social media website video app for TV is now available on Samsung Smart TVs which includes its 2017 QLED TV lineup and every one of its 2015, 2016, 2017 Smart TV models. The company is the only one in the TV manufacturing market that supports Facebook video app at its launch.

It works by allowing users to sign into their Facebook accounts. Then they can view the videos shared by their friends or pages that they have liked. Users can also view top videos and other recommended items that they are suggested on the basis of their interests.  Samsung says that Facebook app requires one time authentication. You have to install the app and launch it for the first time for authentication.

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Facebook’s VP of Partnerships Dan Rose gave a detailed insight on the Facebook’s app for Samsung Smart TVs at the CODE Media conference. The launch of this app is a tough competition for Youtube. Facebook plans to edge out with the video sharing platform-as the creators share and upload their work. Youtube however, makes finding videos more easy and about Facebook there can’t be much said.

Samsung Smart TVs to be the first one to have Facebook video app

Videos in the News Feed will autoplay with the sound on unless the device was set to silent, said the company in the conference. On competing with the Snapchat front, the company has decided to not crop the videos vertically giving a more better view. There is a picture in picture mode that allows user to watch videos on the side of the feed as they continue to scroll through. I personally think this sounds terrific for hearing live news from pages such as AJ+ or CNN.

How does it benefit the ad market?

The good news for publishers is that Facebook will test ads in the middle of the videos. This will help them make more out of Facebook videos. Monetizing is an area where YouTube is still ahead as compared to Facebook. It will also be challenging to see how Facebook caters to the need of the advertising industry with this new development.

Facebook’s social network will be under a new design to be central in our lives. The social networking site was used for text updates, sharing links and posting pictures but it will now have an angle of TV making it constant. It has been seen that the company’s focus on video has been expanding with the launch of its live streaming and other advance tools. Side by side it is providing creators with a lot more control over their content. Rights Manage for example is a duplicate version of Youtube’s Content ID which they introduced last year at Facebook’s F8 conference.

Now that the social media site is expanding this is another way to capture user attention. This doesn’t include the ad dollars and is more oriented on watching videos on TV through an app.

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There is not news on when the video app will launch for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. We expect, however, that this isn’t far. You can avail the Facebook video app now through Samsung Smart Hub.

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