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Mozilla Acquired Pocket to Grab 10 Million Mobile Users

Mozilla Acquired Pocket

Mozilla acquired POCKET, a bookmarking tool, with an aim to bring 10 million users followed by this first ever acquisition by Mozilla.

Since 2015, Pocked has been the primary bookmarking tool for Firefox. With Pocket, Mozilla hopes to regain its lost value. The company also believe that this bookmarking tool would help the score good Firefox users on smartphones.

A press release by Mozilla stated:

In working closely with Pocket over the last year around the integration within Firefox, we developed a shared vision and belief in the opportunity to do more together that has led to Pocket joining Mozilla today.

This acquisition from Mozilla comes with a 10 million Pocket users. In addition to this, a new source of business revenue would be generated through this independent subsidiary.

Firefox creator Mozilla was enjoying its growing revenue and popularity until Google Chrome showed up. Chrome made them lose their value and the number of desktop users starts declining.

Last year, after years of struggle, Mozilla also developed Firefox for iOS. With steps like these, Mozilla could regain its popularity and could become a challenge for Google Chrome.

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