Samsung takes a jab at Apple with the Wireless Charger Duo


At whatever point Apple launches its AirPower multi device charger, it may have some new rivalry. As of late found pictures and postings have uncovered Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo, which (as the name suggests) could offer quick charging to two gadgets on the double.

It wouldn’t be as adaptable as Apple’s gadget since you’d have to put your gadgets on particular spots. Be that as it may, you could top up a telephone and the up and coming Galaxy Watch in the meantime, or even two telephones without a moment’s delay in case you’re utilizing it as a family charging station.

We wouldn’t make wagers at this point. Given that the leaks rotate intensely around the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch, there’s a decent possibility that Samsung could disclose the Wireless Charger Duo at its August ninth occasion. It may very well involve a long time before you can look at one direct.

We see that Samsung will make its debut of Note 9 this August in New York. The phone is expected to go on sale two weeks after this event. Bits of information point out that the S pen stylus is redesigned as in the invites, we see that it is in gold. Another bit of gossip in the market points out that the phone might also come in Coral Blue color which means that this blue color model will be in line with the Black, Gray, Brown, and Lilac colors available.

There are no updates on the price of the phone and nor has Samsung said anything about the price. We are hoping there is a fingerprint scanner underneath the device and it is said that the S pen will have Bluetooth support, which is for the first time ever.

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Image via Roland Quandt