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QMobile New TV Ad Encourages Husbands to Cheat on their Wives

Advertisement of a product is done to promote it and encourage people to buy it. There are exaggerations and false claims made in ads due to which they have often faced criticism. The latest QMobile new TV Ad has come under the radar for encouraging men to cheat on their wives. Promoting infidelity even in a subliminal manner is not okay.

QMobile ad featuring the ace actor and model Mohib Mirza starts with this dialogue, ‘Pehlay mein har majboor shohar ki tarhan bohot darta tha ka phone Bv ka hath lag gaya tou bss,’ sighing he continues and says ‘Sawal Jawab shru, ya salma kon ha, tumhari cousin ki photo tumhare phone mein kya kar rahi hai?’ and ‘Saba ne raat ko 3 bajay kyun phone kiya?’. (In the past, I was very afraid like every helpless husband. If my wife found my phone, then her interrogation started like Who is Salma, What is your cousin’s picture doing on your phone and Why Saba has called you at 3 am in the morning.”)

Coming to the main product of the ad Mohib says ‘Ab saray problem ko unghotta laga diya ha, sach kehtay hain privacy ka apna he maza ha,’ (I have added finger to all the problems as privacy has its own charm).

Honestly, this could be the worst take on the QMobile’s fingerprint sensor feature. The ad is actually telling husbands, that it is okay to have extramarital affair. It is okay to cheat on their wives and have secret relationships. It is actually encouraging them to have an affair and it promotes infidelity. The expressions of Mohib in the ad are also placed as of a helpless husband who is being rescued from his skeptic wife through fingerprint sensor.

The ad might have been picturized differently but the end product has major flaws.

Also, it is not just us who have noticed this, many on Twitter have similar views about the ad.

Here is the TVC of QMobile Blue 5

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