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Samsung To Convert Old Phones Into IoT Devices Like Baby Monitor


Samsung announces that it will continue to expand its current upcycling program. Older smartphones still have a right to exist and, thanks to a firmware update, become IoT devices. Samsung cites an intelligent baby monitor as possible use.

Tech giant Samsung presents its further plans for the upcycling program at digital CES 2021. With Galaxy Upcycling at Home, the company has announced an expanded version of the initiative.

Thanks to a special firmware update, older Samsung smartphones will become the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) devices. IoT devices are all devices and components that are wired and wirelessly connected to a network and that can collect, save, process and transmit data. A smart speaker like Amazon’s Alexa would be an example here. Samsung states that the Knox security architecture enables Galaxy smartphones to act as smart home devices can be used and a high level of security is guaranteed.

Samsung presented its first upcycling program as early as 2017, but since then it has mainly been intended for industrial use. Older Samsung smartphones were converted into a Bitcoin mining network, among other things, or operated a medical eye scanner.

Upcycling now also possible privately

Galaxy Upcycling at Home is now generally aimed at all customers and also promotes use in the private environment. To illustrate this, Samsung presented the following scenario: With the help of the built-in microphones and the integrated camera, the smartphone is used as an intelligent baby monitor and enables parents to always have a look at the sleeping baby. As soon as the baby cries, the device sends a notification to another smartphone.

In principle, the possible uses within the initiative appear to be diverse. However, Samsung still owed precise details. It is currently not clear for which smartphone models the upcycling will be available, when exactly the initiative should start or whether the corresponding firmware update can also be used by devices in various regions.