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Samsung Galaxy S21 Marketing Posters Confirm ‘No Charger’

Galaxy S21 poster

With the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung actually wants to do without the charger in most countries. What was previously just rumours are now confirmed by official marketing images for the new top smartphones.

The South Korean electronics company Samsung is launching its new high-end smartphones Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra, as expected, in most countries without the included power supply. With this, Samsung is following the trend started by Apple to deliver the devices without a power adapter in order to avoid the creation of unnecessary waste.

Like Apple, Samsung is likely to argue that by not using an included power supply unit, you protect the environment because most customers already have a power supply unit from a previously released smartphone. If you want, you can choose from a wide range of power supplies from Samsung’s own production.

No Headphones As well

In addition, in the course of the introduction of the Galaxy S21 smartphones, Samsung is also launching a number of other power supplies with various special features. Among other things, a new wireless charging dock is to be expected and there are new power supplies with two or three USB ports that can be used to charge multiple devices.

As can be seen in our pictures, which are official graphics from Samsung, the new smartphones usually only come with a USB Type-C cable, a small quick start guide and a SIM ejection tool. The headphones that were previously usually supplied are no longer required. Samsung is of course also bringing new wireless headphones to the market with the Galaxy Buds Pro to go with the S21 models.

By doing without the included power supply and headphones, Samsung also has another advantage. The company can shrink the packaging itself. This reduces packaging costs and ultimately even more smartphones fit on a pallet. Samsung can therefore deliver more devices in a space-saving manner, which in turn has advantages in terms of the CO2 balance and transport costs.

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