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Samsung to Invest $40mn For an Exclusive Harry Potter Game

Harry Potter game

As per reports, Samsung is investing $40 million for an exclusive Harry Potter game. The tech giant is investing in Niantic for the making of Harry Potter game. Niantic is the firm that has launched one of the most amazing and famous games of all times—Pokémon Go. The makers of the Pokémon Go game are working to bring magic to the lives of everyone. The game would be making use of augmented reality for making real-world environment.

The app would be permitting players to cast spells, team up, search for artefacts and face magical beasts and characters from the famous book series. The game would be working very much like Pokémon Go. The game would be using real-location which would permit the players to apprehend animated characters that appear in the real surroundings.

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Both the firms have not yet unveiled any information about this, however, one could expect that the company would soon announce the partnership in the week to come. Additionally, in the year 2017, Niantic made the announcement for the launch of an augmented reality game Harry Potter. It seems that one has to wait for the app to start functioning.

The game would be available for many Galaxy smartphones once it would be launched.

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