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Samsung To Start Mass Production Of Galaxy S21 In November

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung is apparently working under extreme pressure on the new Galaxy S21, so production is said to start as early as November. In the same breath, you can hear that the Korean giant is bringing forward the launch and could start this year.

The Korean finance portal MTN reports, citing sources from the environment of Samsung and its suppliers, that the electronics giant is pushing the pace with the successor product line because of the still rather low demand for the Galaxy S20 series, which appeared in the spring.

According to the report, the suppliers assume that the production of a large number of important components of the new Galaxy S21 smartphones will start as early as November. This means that the production of the components would start much earlier than usual, as the components normally do not go into mass production until around 1.5 months later.

Samsung wants to fill Huawei’s gap

With the accelerated development and production of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series, the manufacturer allegedly not only wants to boost sales but also tries to fill the gap created by the US sanctions against Huawei. Ultimately, it’s all about numbers and market shares. Allegedly, therefore, there is even launch in December in the room, although it has always been assumed that the S21 series would not appear until spring 2021.
According to the report, three models of the Galaxy S21 series are currently planned, with the top model even being equipped with a stylus. This is allegedly part of a changed strategy by Samsung in which the Galaxy S series is no longer the absolute top in terms of hardware and design. According to earlier speculation, Samsung could opt to forego the Galaxy Note series and instead use its devices with a foldable display as the new flagship product line.