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‘Hum To Search’: Google Assistant Can Now Find Songs That You Hum And Don’t Remember


The Mountain View firm has deployed a new, oh so practical feature on Google Assistant: the latter is now able to find a song that you have in mind thanks to simple whistles or hums from you. Tested and approved by the editorial staff.

Having a song in mind without being able to find the name of the song or the artist is a frustrating feeling that each of us has already experienced. Know that this era is now over thanks to a new feature implemented on Google Assistant, which the Californian group presents in an official blog post.


Hum to search” – that’s the name of the function – is a new, very practical tool. Judge for yourself: just say out loud “Ok Google, what is this song” and then whistle, hum the tune or roughly sing the words of a song and Google Assistant will submit a list of corresponding answers to you and in general, the artificial intelligence of the multinational is right on target.

New Models Of Machine Learning

To do this, the Mountain View giant has created new machine learning models capable of matching whistles or hums with a song thanks to a   unique “fingerprint ” – to use Google’s words – that each song has. . The functionality in twenty languages ​​on Android, including French, and only in English on iOS for the moment.

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