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Samsung will introduce its next-gen Bespoke appliances in June

Some recent pieces of information indicate that tech South Korean tech firm will introduce its next-gen Bespoke home appliances in June. The forthcoming event has been named BESPOKE Life 2023. The good news is that eth event will be streamed live online as well. The notable feature of Samsung’s products is that its products are eco-friendly as well as sustainable for the environment. Notably, the firm has utilized a similar strategy with the upcoming products.

Samsung will unveil smart home appliances during the BESPOKE Life 2023 event

Samsung will unveil the smart home appliances during an event scheduled for next month. The company has revealed the exact date and time of the event. Samsung will broadcast the BESPOKE Life 2023 event live on June 7, 2023, at 10:00 EDT (16:00 CEST/23:00 KST). The event will be streamed live on Samsung.com as well as on the company’s YouTube channel. According to the event invitation, connectivity, style, and sustainability would be the company’s main objectives. The company’s upcoming Bespoke home appliances will therefore be internet-connected via the SmartThings platform.

Over the last three to four years, the South Korean conglomerate has been offering customizable products. It can be expected that the company continues with this feature for its upcoming products. On the other hand, we can also anticipate increased customizability with the upcoming BESPOKE home appliances. The business may also introduce fresh strategies for reducing pollution throughout the whole lifecycle of its products, from production to use.

It is assumed that the company will share more information about SmartThings and their connectivity with the new Matter home standards. Since it is compatible with other smart home platforms like Amazon, Apple, and Google.

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