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Samsung Working On 3 New Smartwatches With Wear OS

Samsung is celebrating great success with its smartwatches, and accordingly many have a Galaxy Watch on their wrist. And so they use Tizen as their operating system. But it is becoming more and more apparent that the Korean manufacturer will rely on Google’s Wear OS in the future.

The Koreans’ last smartwatch was presented quite a while ago, Samsung showed and launched the Galaxy Watch 3 in August 2020. This means that the successors have long been in development and there have been reports for a long time that a significant revision is pending for the next edition. This obviously not only affects the hardware but also the software, more precisely the operating system.

Code names: Wise, Fresh and Lucky

Because according to information from SamMobile, three smartwatches are currently in the making at Samsung, one model should have a rotating bezel, two of the watches (one of them as “Active”) should have a more sporty design. The code names are Wise, Fresh, and Lucky.

At the moment it seems to be certain that Samsung will say goodbye to Tizen as the operating system. Rumors and hints about this have been around for a few months. SamMobile has now confirmed this, according to which Google’s Wear OS will be used in the new smartwatches. However, this will get a Samsung-specific interface, namely One UI 3.x. Specifically, this means that the smartwatch software should still feel familiar, but the OS substructure will be completely new.

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So far, Wear OS has not been a real success story, mind you. The search engine giant is likely to present a completely revised version of its operating system for wearables at its Google I/O developer fair this evening, and that may have played a decisive role in the change for the Koreans. And who knows: Maybe there will also be a guest appearance by Samsung at Google I/O.