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Samsung’s brand ambassador caught using Apple iPhone

Samsung ambassador

In the latest report by BBC, Samsung’s brand ambassador caught using Apple iPhone on Russian TV. There were also reports circulating on media that Samsung sued its brand ambassador for doing this on live TV, but BBC report denied it.

Samsung’s brand ambassador Kseniya Sobchak was giving an interview on Echo Moscow Radio, she was holding an iPhone. The interview was to air on the radio station but the program “Special Opinion” was also set to broadcast in video format.

The video recording was posted on YouTube, in the video, Sobchak was holding an iPhone and she repeatedly tried to hide the phone from the camera, since, she was trying to hide something drew the attention of uploader Alexander Redking1 who published the video on YouTube on October 16.

The video started getting views and comments very quickly and it went viral on social media.

Later after this event, several reports disseminated on social media quoting media reports that Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Sobchak worth $1.6 million, BBC representative at Samsung has denied such rumors, Samsung has not filed any lawsuit against their brand ambassador.

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It’s all about your choice

It’s is indeed some sort of embarrassment for Samsung that their brand ambassador is using an iPhone on the TV, but she has all the right to use it, she has her own preferences and choices. However, it can be said that she has done something which is limpid to be observed, she was hiding something an ordinary watcher can notice that but why she was hiding it? What she was hiding? Made the people curious and here we got the full report.

If she would be using the phone normally perhaps no one would have noticed it, even if someone would have noticed that she was using an iPhone it would still be overlooked. But the real question remains unanswered why she was pretending to hide something on TV?