Samsung’s Camera Assistant app is getting updated with some new features

Samsung Galaxy A82

Samsung’s One UI 6 is an update for Galaxy smartphones. This latest update includes the latest features and improvements for the camera. Along with that, the company is planning to enhance the experience with an update to the camera assistant app.

This app will act as a companion app that will give users more control over photos and videos using the camera app for Samsung smartphones. This app will add some new features that will allow users to alter a bunch of camera settings that won’t be modified via the main camera. With the latest update, enabled for version, In the Camera Assistant app, Samsung has introduced several new options, renamed them, and moved some existing settings.

For instance, the feature known as “2x crop zoom shortcut” was previously known as “Optical quality crop zoom,” which offers a 2x zoom option for lossless 2x photographs taken with the primary camera on devices with high-resolution sensors such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or S23 Ultra. Additionally, as the capture speed parameters are already present in One UI 6’s standard camera settings, Samsung removed them from Camera Assistant for One UI 6 phones.

High-resolution settings is a new submenu that Camera Assistant offers for a few smartphones, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s adaptive pixel functionality is in the high-resolution settings menu, which also introduces a new function known as upscale digital zoom.

If necessary, upscale digital zoom will raise digital zoomed-in photos to the resolution that was chosen by the camera. Another recent addition is the “automatically fix bowing or bending lines caused by lens and perspective distortion” capability, sometimes known as distortion correction.

Nearly all Galaxy flagship phones released since 2020 are compatible with the most recent Camera Assistant update, which can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store. However, some features and updates could only be available on specific phones.

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